WebManufacturing Clients

As you know, I do my homework. In selecting a firm to handle the sale of my company, I weighed many factors.
One of the deciding factors that led me to choose Brandywine was your personal experience in running a manufacturing business. While your operating experience did prove to be an asset throughout the process, it was some of your other skills, many that I hadn’t considered, that made the difference. Your ability to take our raw financial information, understand it, and translate it into concise and usable information for buyers to consider was clearly instrumental in attracting the caliber of buyers that you were able to attract.
I was pleasantly surprised by your detailed understanding of the M&A process and the breadth of experience you brought to this transaction. As with any decision of this magnitude, there was a significant level of emotion involved. Throughout the process, whether you know it or not, you provided me with a great deal of reassurance by your calm and steady demeanor. You were very effective in keeping me focused on the facts and refocusing me on my goal.
Lastly, you let the process unfold as I needed it to unfold. This was most evident in the offers that we did not accept. Part of appreciating the merit of an offer is comparison to other available options. I never felt that you were pushing me to accept any particular offer. You took the time to analyze each offer on its own merits and let me decide. This proved to me that you were firmly on my side and when the right situation came along, which it did, I was ready to move ahead and complete the transaction.

—Barry Salter

While this was a team effort, there is simply no doubt that we would not be here without you.
From the moment we engaged you, you took firm control of the process. Your unique ability to navigate the complex (if not crazy) workings of a small private company and the equally complex (and equally crazy) workings of a major corporation were invaluable. That was clear from how you developed and coached us through our first board presentation in Ohio, the endless due diligence calls, the complexities of the purchase agreements, and the personal agendas so many people brought to the mix. Your direct and understandable guidance were very much appreciated.
Your technical knowledge and personality made you the de-facto voice of reason throughout. You talked us “off the ledge” when we needed it and kept us focused on the goal throughout. You knew when to challenge the buyers and did so in a constructive way. The negotiations were surprisingly balanced despite the buyer being roughly 750x larger than the seller.
I have enjoyed our many conversations and personally appreciate your help throughout. Thank you. I wish you and Brandywine continued success.

—George Schreiber

WebProfessional Services Clients

We could not have completed the sale of our company without Brandywine’s expertise.
Matt Coyne was a professional from day one and was always focused on making sure that we were informed and satisfied with all aspects of the transaction.
We never felt that we were being push to move forward when we were not comfortable with the terms; Matt was always willing to negotiate with the buyer to formulate the deal that we wanted.
All companies require income to survive; but it is refreshing to deal with an M&A company that puts your desires above their need to produce income. At no time did we feel pressure from Brandywine to move forward when we were not completely satisfied with the terms of sale.
I would not hesitate to recommend Matt Coyne and the team at Brandywine to anyone contemplating the sale of their privately held business.

—Steven Kerns

I am very happy to provide you with this letter of recommendation and hope you use it to make it big and sell like we did…..
Your guidance was priceless from beginning to end.

I was thinking about the time I caddied for you back in Senior year during the Catholic League Championship rounds. I was happy to do it and help you achieve a great goal in your life.

Thanks for being our caddy during these negations and helping us achieve a great goal in ours as well. Looking forward to taking some of that money we paid you back on the golf course this year.

—Doug Basile

WebDistribution Clients

In writing this recommendation, I reflected back on what we were looking for when we hired you. I guess we were hoping that the person we hired to sell our business would be someone who would prove to be trustworthy, diligent, and skilled at their profession. We obviously wanted someone who could get us to a successful settlement. If we liked the person as well, that would be a bonus. I am happy to say we got everything we were looking for.
I am particularly appreciative of the time you spent truly learning our business. I doubt your competition would have taken 10 days of their summer to work in one of our retail locations. At this point, you probably know our business better than anyone outside of our key employees. That knowledge, coupled with your technical expertise in M&A matters, was clearly critical as we negotiated the transaction that closed successfully last week.
We also recognize that your financial skills played a key role in developing the information we needed to show the business in its best light. I can’t begin to guess how many spreadsheets you developed during the process, but I suspect that the deal would have stalled either before or during due diligence without your ability to take raw data and create something useable by the buyers, their accountants, and their bank.
We have truly enjoyed working with you and trust we will stay in touch. I wish you and everyone at Brandywine continued success.

—Kevin Shaub

I want to commend you on the outstanding job you did for me on the Metalico deal. As you know, I was reluctant to work with you initially, but your personal presentation was impressive and I decided to give you a try, based on your extensive corporate and international experience and your presence.
This was not an easy company to market, and it required a level of sophistication that is not easily found in your business. You did an outstanding job of understanding the business and patiently and steadfastly presenting it to a high caliber group of potential buyers.
During the many months that it took to find the right buyer, you put up with my frustration and dealt with it calmly and professionally, and you continued to move the process steadily ahead until we made the right connection for me and for the future of the business and the employees.
As you know, I insisted from the start that the business remain in place and that the key employees get proper compensation and employment opportunities, and I am most happy to note that essential part of the deal was accomplished, as well as meeting my own financial goals.
As its founder, I am also thrilled that the business will continue under its original name.
Finally, not only did you do an outstanding job for me, but I enjoyed the relationship and found you to be an outstanding human being. I look forward to our continued contacts from time to time.

—Bill Zimmerman