When the time is right for you

We provide a level of representation typically available only to large companies. Tailored to privately held businesses, our process focuses on the optimal solution for both the owner’s family and the business.

This is how —

Research & Collateral Development

Confidential Marketing

Getting an Offer

Our dedicated research team goes in-depth for each client, pinpointing the best buyer for your business.

Our analysts write a “Best in Class” Confidential Business Profile for your business.

We locate and contact prospective buyers and bind them to a written confidentiality agreement before evaluating their interest and ability to buy.

You only meet prospective buyers whom we believe are credible and capable prospects.

An offer is only meaningful when you know enough about the other party and they understand what they are offering to purchase.

We facilitate confidential introductions to suitable prospects and go to great lengths to ensure discretion so that you may properly evaluate your exit options without employee, customer, or vendor concern.

Duration: 10 days Duration: 1-3 Months Duration: 2-4 Months

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