Current Engagements

For details about any of these business opportunities, contact Brandywine at 484-534-8600 x100 or by email.


Licensor of Manufacturing Technology #10332

Annual Revenue: $2.4M (2018E)

The owners of this company came together 25 years ago to solve a problem. They all had complimentary businesses of their own and were seeking a collaborative and cost-effective way to use existing materials to do what had never been done before. After 10+ years of design and testing, they had a fully proven solution ready for the market. Their solution, originally conceived for their own use, had grown into something with a much broader application than they had originally conceived. They have now spent the past seventeen years introducing their solution to those who could use it. The business is now at an inflection point and has shifted from a development phase to a marketing phase. Repeat users are increasing and sales are following suit. The original owners are nearing retirement and are serving in “consulting” roles now. They believe that the business is ready for a new, energetic owner who can build upon their success and take the business to the next level.

Early Age Education and Care Centers (Multiple Locations) #10341 – UNDER LETTER OF INTENT

Annual Revenue: $3.4M

This company provides early education learning and childcare services to children from infancy through Kindergarten at their specialized centers. Their nationally renowned, proprietary program/curriculum carries the highest possible rating from the State. They are also nationally accredited by NECPA (National Early Childhood Program Accreditation). Their existing locations are currently operating at full capacity with expansion plans in the works. The owners, with plans for retirement, have placed an emphasis on attracting, retaining, and developing highly qualified employees. There are very tangible growth/expansion opportunities available that the owners would pursue if they were at a different point in their collective careers. Management is expecting 2017 to be strong as they continue to expand their footprint and program. This is an ideal opportunity for a growth-oriented buyer who is looking for a highly differentiated, highly scalable business in the education space.

Track and Field Design / Build #10339

Annual Revenue: $3.9M

With more than 25 years in business this company is a certified expert in the construction and repair of running tracks and field events. This is a process-centric (vs. owner-centric) company which has been built around a suite of software tools that drives unmatched efficiency into their marketing and production process. Their systems have allowed the business to become increasingly predictable and efficient during a time when the owner has significantly reduced his role in the day to day operation. The general manager runs the business with limited oversight from the owner. Their field operators are heavily cross trained and supported by equipment that allows them to be as efficient as possible. While traditionally operating as a regional player their intense focus on systems and repeatable results have positioned them for expansion into new regions.

Specialized Collections Company #10343 – UNDER LETTER OF INTENT

Annual Revenue: $3.0M

Located in the Mid Atlantic region this company has been providing specialized collection services to a wide variety of industries for over 30 years. Current clients include banks, credit card companies, retailers, human services agencies, and municipalities. Their offering includes pre-collection services through the recovery of bad debt. The company’s founder had exited the business at one point but has come back in recent years. There is a general manager now in place, however the founder will remain involved during transition but plans to exit the business after a transaction is complete. The real estate is owned by a related entity and is for sale along with the business. Adjusted EBITDA has averaged $1.2M over the past 3 years.

Value Added Distributor / Installer #10344 – UNDER LETTER OF INTENT

Annual Revenue: $8.0M

This company is a leading regional distributor, installer, and service provider. They operate four related, but specialized divisions that have developed to address expanding customer requirements and requests over the past 25+ years. While they can be considered a supplier with field service… they are a manufacturer in that they take the materials they purchase and modify / assemble them. This value-added service allows clients to purchase turn-key solutions that work right the first time. Consistent and predictable results have solidified their position in the market and fostered long term strategic relationships with key regional players. 2016 was another very good year for the company with revenues and Adjusted EBITDA of $6.6M and $625K respectively. The owners are planning for retirement, but are willing to stay involved for a mutually agreeable transition period. Competent management is in place.

Equipment Rental Provider #10348 – UNDER LETTER OF INTENT

Annual Revenue: $8.0M

This company is a strong regional player with $8M in annual revenue through the selling, renting, and servicing of dozens of major aerial lift equipment lines. They offer a wide range of aerial products from bucket trucks to access equipment to recovery equipment. With several decades in the business they have very strong relationships and an outstanding reputation. Our client is planning for retirement, but there is a seasoned management team in place that is aware of the planning process and has been helping with the same.

Collateral Recovery & Repossession Specialist #10349

Annual Revenue: $2.4M

Engaged in the recovery of collateral that has been delinquent for a specified period of time, our client is a leader in the industry due to their experience and credibility in the market, top of the line equipment, use of advanced technology, and professionalism. The company faces little competition in their target market, maintains a loyal customer base, and is in the position to expand their operations through their current business model. Operating on a low-risk, zero confrontation policy, they have significantly lowered the risk that is associated with this industry. Management has stated that the business could easily grow using the business model in place, but the owner has been happy with the current level of profit. The owner has decided to sell the company because he would like to pursue other interests outside of the business.

Packaging Machinery Manufacturer #10352 – SOLD

Annual Revenue: $2.1M

The company is engaged in the assembly, sale, and service of packaging machinery creating innovative packaging solutions for institutional meal distribution as well as the consumer goods, pharmaceutical, bakery, produce and confectionery industries. They are known for personalized customer service and partnering with customers to achieve production goals. The Company is ISO 9001 certified furthering their commitment to quality deliverables for their customers. 2016 Sales and Adjusted EBITDA were $2.1M and $474K respectively. Management is projecting improved results in 2017. There are increasing opportunities for the company to generate additional sales and expand their market share including central kitchens in school districts, packaging for fresh produce distribution and other organizations.

Pennsylvania Based Light Manufacturer #10355

Annual Revenue: $2.4M

This company manufactures and supplies a key product used in the steel, glass, and power generation industries. Their longstanding tenure in the market has been driven by their unmatched focus on quality, responsiveness, and service. With more than 80 years of continuous operation they are now a “brand name” in the industries they serve. Most of their products are in use in the United States; however they do have a presence in Mexico, the Middle East and South America. Their production, distribution and back office operations are all housed in their 15,000 square foot facility in Southeast Pennsylvania. The location is well suited to their needs and is easily accessible from major thoroughfares. The non-union workforce is highly skilled and experienced with most having spent more than 20 years with the company. The owners are willing to remain involved in the operation subject to mutually agreeable terms.

Industrial Distributor & Wholesaler #10358

Annual Revenue: $2.5M

This company is a leading industrial distributor and wholesaler with more than 30 years in business. Operating out of a 3,500 square foot facility in Southeastern Pennsylvania they are able to serve customers throughout North America and the world with prompt customer service and very competitive prices. The company operates with a lean, but efficient overhead structure with employees who are heavily cross trained and able to perform multiple tasks throughout the business. 2017 was a good year for the company with revenues of approximately $2.5M. Management is projecting 2018 to meet or exceed these figures as orders for the current year are outpacing 2017 (+13%). The owner is planning for retirement, but is willing to remain involved to ensure a smooth transition.