Current Engagements

For details about any of these business opportunities, contact Brandywine at 484-534-8600 x100 or by email.

Software Company #10356 – Under Letter of Intent

2018 and 2019 Projected EBITDA: $480K and $1.3M

Asking Price: $6M

This company owns and licenses their software systems to the medical industry. Revenues come from implementation and data migration fees, licensing / use charges, ongoing maintenance, and support services. A key customer contract wrapped up in 2017 and impacted 2018 EBITDA. A new contract is in place with that same customer which will have a material impact starting in 2019.

Licensor of Construction System #10332 – Under Letter of Intent

2018 EBITDA: $1.3M

This company developed and now licenses a system that provides significant cost and speed advantages to the commercial construction industry. Their system has carved out its place in the market and has been used successfully and repeatedly by leading architects and engineers. Now it is time to build and grow through more consistent / effective marketing and selling.

Commercial Paving #10360 – Sold

This company is a full-service paving provider with a primary focus on commercial, township, and municipal projects. Most of their work is with repeat customers and referrals from past clients. Their employees are experienced and skilled across numerous job functions and there has historically been minimal employee turnover.

Commercial Relocation Service Provider #10363 – Under Letter of Intent

2018 EBITDA: $440K

This company provides commercial relocation and related services throughout the greater Delaware Valley. They are a well-established and well-known player in their space. The business fundamentals are strong and an experienced and capable team is currently in place.

Distributor (Industrial & Construction) #10365 – Under Letter of Intent

2018 EBITDA: $700K

Located in the Mid Atlantic, this company is a leading distributor of specific metal based products and accessories that are used in applications across the industrial and construction industries. As a knowledgeable distributor with more than two decades of experience they provide not only products, but also serve as a resource and partner who is invested in their clients’ success. The company has a diverse and expansive customer base and the majority of their sales come from those who have made past purchases.

Medical & Healthcare Product Distributor #10364

2018 Sales: $3.4M

This Mid Atlantic based company is a leading distributor of medical, healthcare, and ergonomic products. Their products are sold to a large range of clients including hospitals, nursing homes, retirement communities, dealers, and installers. Their success has been rooted in an unmatched focus on customer services, a comprehensive product offering, and competitive pricing. There are currently several untapped avenues for growth which would provide opportunities for a new owner.

Commercial Distributor / Installer #10367

2019 Projected EBITDA: $900K

This company sources and installs a product for an extensive and diverse customer base. End users can be found in the energy, manufacturing, recycling, retail, timber, non-profit, and public sectors. The products they install are sourced from multiple, qualified vendors. The company employs highly skilled year-round staff, but has kept fixed overhead down by augmenting their workforce with seasonal crews. The company is off to a strong start in 2019. Projections are based solely on work in progress or contracts in hand.