Current Engagements

For details about any of these business opportunities, contact Brandywine at 484-534-8600 x100 or by email.

Software Company #10356 – Under Letter of Intent

2018 and 2019 Projected EBITDA: $480K and $1.3M

Asking Price: $6M

This company owns and licenses their software systems to the medical industry. Revenues come from implementation and data migration fees, licensing / use charges, ongoing maintenance, and support services. A key customer contract wrapped up in 2017 and impacted 2018 EBITDA. A new contract is in place with that same customer which will have a material impact starting in 2019.

Pain Management / Physical Therapy #10345

2018 Projected EBITDA: $800K

Asking Price: $2.5M

This multidisciplinary pain management and physical therapy provider operates three locations in central / southern New Jersey. They integrate a unique combination of physical therapy, chiropractic care, and interventional pain management under one roof. This allows their patients to receive a broad spectrum of services while providing the company with multiple revenue streams across disciplines and services.

Commercial Wood Parts Manufacturer #10362

2018 Projected EBITDA: $300K

Asking Price: $1.5M

For more than thirty years this business has been producing high quality hardwood components. Located in Central Pennsylvania, they operate out of a 50,000 square foot purpose-built facility. Their sales are diversified across several industries and many long-term customers. The owner retired several years ago, and the operation is in the hands of an experienced management team. They employ approximately 25 non-union hourly employees.

Licensor of Construction System #10332 – Under Letter of Intent

2018 Projected EBITDA: $1.8M

This company developed and now licenses a system that provides significant cost and speed advantages to the commercial construction industry. Their system has carved out its place in the market and has been used successfully and repeatedly by leading architects and engineers. Now it is time to build and grow through more consistent / effective marketing and selling.

Early Age Education and Care Centers #10341

2018 Projected EBITDA: $480K

Asking Price: $2.5M

This company provides early education learning and childcare services to children from infancy through kindergarten at their three specialized centers. Their nationally renowned, proprietary program / curriculum carries the highest possible rating from the state. They are also nationally accredited by NECPA (National Early Childhood Program Accreditation).

Commercial Paving #10360 – Under Letter of Intent

2017 EBITDA: $762K

This company is a full-service paving provider with a primary focus on commercial, township, and municipal projects. Most of their work is with repeat customers and referrals from past clients. Their employees are experienced and skilled across numerous job functions and there has historically been minimal employee turnover.

Light Manufacturer #10355

2018 Projected EBITDA: Breakeven

This company manufactures and supplies a key product used in the steel, glass, and power generation industries. With more than 80 years of continuous operation they are the “brand name” in the industries they serve. Most of their products are installed in the United States, but they also have a meaningful overseas presence. Their non-union workforce is highly skilled and experienced with most having spent more than 20 years with the company. This sale comes after the death of one of the owners. There are real growth (marketing) and margin enhancement opportunities here for a new owner.

Online Retailer #10358

2018 Projected EBITDA: $300K

Asking Price: $900K

This online retailer has been in business for over 30 years. They serve customers from their 3,500 square foot facility in the Philadelphia region. They work with one of the region’s leading SEO consultants and that investment has been paying off. The company operates with a lean, but efficient overhead structure. Employees are cross-trained…performing multiple tasks throughout the business.

Commercial Relocation Service Provider #10363

2017 EBITDA: $456K

This company provides commercial relocation and related services throughout the greater Delaware Valley. They are a well-established and well-known player in their space. The business fundamentals are strong and an experienced and capable team is currently in place.

Distributor (Industrial & Construction) #10365

2018 EBITDA: $700K

Located in the Mid Atlantic, this company is a leading distributor of specific metal based products and accessories that are used in applications across the industrial and construction industries. As a knowledgeable distributor with more than two decades of experience they provide not only products, but also serve as a resource and partner who is invested in their clients’ success. The company has a diverse and expansive customer base and the majority of their sales come from those who have made past purchases.